Retro Rentals

These retro classics are available for hire for publicity and media purposes including photo shoots and television. Wedding day, prom & party hire is also available where stated.

Couples can try out all the rainbowriches slots on this list.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please call and ask – we may be able to source the perfect vehicle for you.

Verity the Viking coming soon ….

Sweet and curvy 1967 Viking caravan available for photo shoots and media hire. We are currently in the process of prettying the interior up, photos will be posted here soon.

Constance the Vintage Caravan

Meet Constance, our 1957 Sprite 14 caravan. Constance has seating which converts to 2 double beds, or 3 single beds. She is 14′ long and seats up to 8 at her table (which is removable). There is a cooker (not to be used) and sink. The beautiful rounded shape of her large window bay is really very retro. She has been finished with 50’s style flooring and furnishings (curtains/ cushions can be removed if needs be). Constance is really very special and quite a rarity. We regret that Constance is not available for holiday hire – at over 50 years old, she likes to take it easy! She is available for photo shoots – although will need transportation for any great distance.

Constance appears in the book “My Cool Caravan” – written and compiled by Jane Field-Lewis & Chris Haddon, with photography by Hilary Walker. The book shows forty stylish caravans of all vintages, from across the world and is packed with inspirational photography. Constance is very proud to have been included and so are we!

Vintage Mercedes SL

Suave & sophisticated, this is a truly handsome 1984 Mercedes SL (still deciding on a name for this car – suggestions welcome!). A beautiful pale metallic green, he basks in the attention he gets when he’s at a wedding, and the camera just adores him! He has a soft top in brown and a hard top in the same colour as the bodywork.

*Beetle Bob

… introducing beautiful Bob – a classic VW beetle in Harvest Moon Beige (retro cream to you and me). He comes all the way from Mexico and like our campers, although he looks like a vintage car, is very young indeed (2004).

Immaculate and youthful, Bob is right hand drive with red leather interior, chrome bumper and trims, running boards and whitewall tyres. This is one very stylish Beetle.

The Just Married stickers and hearts in the photos are temporary – Bob doesn’t wear them all the time, and his number plate is now VW04 BOB.

  • Please note: Beetle Bob is not to be confused with Beatle Bob, a well-known figure in the St Louis Missouri music scene. Beatle Bob has been seen doing his characteristic dance at a wide range of concerts including Hot Chip and Chuck Berry, both in the crowd and onstage with the performers. He is known for his unusual moves, Beatle-inspired “mop top” hairstyle and ’60s attire. His constant presence and dancing is welcomed by some concert goers and is an annoyance to others (an online peititon has been opened for objectors at However, even his detractors admit that his being there signals that one is seeing the best music event in town on that particular night. He has allegedly been to at least one live show every night since Christmas Eve 1996, and has seen over 10,000 bands over the last decade..