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Blast poker is another action-packed online-only version of the game, played with a timer. Initially, Blast unfolds as a 3-player game of Texas Hold’em…until the timer runs out and players are obligated to go all-in on every hand.
Snap is the fastest way to play poker, and one of the types of online poker that is not offered in physical casinos. With Snap poker, you get placed at a new table as soon as you fold your hand, reducing the time spent waiting for the next round.
Razz is a unique twist on 7 card stud, as the objective of the game is to create the lowest hand rather than the highest. Razz is not a particularly common poker style, but there are some great online poker sites in the UK that provide it. Razz is a lot of fun (particularly when you win!)
Omaha is one of the most exciting online poker games out there. Players are dealt four cards, with five community cards in the middle. The objective is to create two five-card hands – one high, one low – by optimally combining the four-hole cards with the five face-up community cards.
Three card poker is an exciting, quick, and easy to learn variation of poker where you go head to head with the dealer. Your payout is determined by whether you beat the dealer, and by the specific three card hand you played.
Seven card stud is similar to Texas Hold’em but without the communal cards or the multiple rounds of betting. Players are dealt 7 cards (three face-down, three face-up), which they then use to form the best 5 card hand possible.
In 5-card draw, players are dealt 5 cards, then given the option to trade some of their cards in during a ‘draw’ phase, with the winner being the player who has the best 5-card hand following the draw. This simple, but popular style of poker is often used in video poker, which makes it an online staple.
Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular ways to play poker in the UK. In this game, each player receives two ‘hole’ cards which are then combined with five community cards, revealed over several rounds of betting. Players combine their hole cards with the communal cards to build the best five-card hand.
If you want to replicate the entertainment of a casino, this is your best bet, as it allows you to play blackjack with a live dealer and other players,
Progressive blackjack is classic blackjack with an extra jackpot bet that requires 4 aces to cash. The jackpot is hard to win but offers huge payouts.
Not only does Blackjack Switch let you play two hands simultaneously, but it also lets you switch the last two cards between hands to improve both.
21 Duel removes split and double down capabilities and reduces the value of the blackjack by making all ‘21 hands equal. It also adds a new element to the center of the table: two community cards.
Pontoon is similar to classic blackjack, but with two major twists to make things interesting: an ace with any face card has the value of blackjack, as does any five-card hand that doesn’t bust.
This online version of the iconic classic is simple, straightforward, and a lot of fun, with one of the highest RTP’s in the industry. Play a hand at one of our recommended virtual casinos today.
Online casinos have a number of interesting roulette wheel variations that are not offered in physical casinos, including 3D Roulette, mini-roulette, multi-ball roulette, and more. Discover the fun of innovative online roulette styles for yourself today.
Authentic dealer roulette is like playing at a real casino, as you will be matched with a real spinner and other players from your region. It’s never been easier to access roulette games in your own language, from English to Swedish to Hindi.
Looking for a quicker way to play? Auto roulette combines the excitement of a roulette wheel with the quick simplicity of a slot machine for the ultimate online casino experience and is offered in different variations, including European and American.
European Roulette uses the same wheel and bets as the French variation, but it does not include the two extra rules and has a slightly different table layout configuration. It is one of the most common online roulette wheels.
French Roulette wheels omit the double 0, but they add two unique rules when you lose an outside bet on the zero pocket: La Partage returns half your bet, while En Prison gives you the opportunity to win back your bet entirely.
Commonly seen as the standard roulette variation, American roulette is a bit tougher to win, as there are both a single 0 and double 0 on the wheel, giving a slightly greater edge to the house when compared to other styles.
You don’t need to wear a cape to enjoy playing on an exciting, action-packed superhero themed online slot machine.
From Zeus and Thor to. Middle Earth, mythological settings have long been staples of online casino slots in the UK.
Gameshows, dramas and reality television are a few ways the small screen has a big influence on slot machine themes.
Ancient Egypt, the pre-contact Americas and the industrial revolution are just some of the history slots you can play online.
Between modern blockbusters and cult classics, cinema is a frequently utilized theme for online slot machines.
The tried and true classic. Cherries, bananas, lucky number sevens. This old school slot machine style is still a UK favourite.