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VW Camper Hire - What's Included

We LOVE these and we know you will too. Introducing our 2006 registered, 2-4 berth Volkswagen campers for hire; Betty, Pearl, Flo, Elsie, Matilda, Nell & Dot. Which one is your favourite?

Scroll down the page to read about the campers, to see photos of each one, to find out what's included in the hire, and to make your very own snailtrail camper.


Make your own Betty the camper van...

View Betty's blog...


Colour: Sky Blue under white

Career Highlights: Following the Tour de France - trés bien!
Model shoot for High Street Retailer

Favourite Quotes: "Driving Betty is like being with a film star - you get looks and waves wherever you go! Betty hosted an 11th birthday party then went on to the Norfolk and Suffolk coast. The round route from Cambridge, via Ely, Blakeney, Cromer, Great Yarmouth, Southwold and Aldeborough - highly recommended. Finished at Sutton Hoo! We love Betty!" - The Dash Family

"Took Betty to Southwold for Easter - she was fantastic fun, very comfortable, comes highly recommended. Steven & Lucy could not have done more! Super time was had by all. We would also recommend the Harbour Campsite in Southwold. Looking forward to our next adventure in Betty!" Daniel & Sophie

“We took Betty to Brittany & Normandy. She did us proud and was looked at wherever we went! We all had a really lovely time and we thank Betty very much.” - The Warman Family, London

“What a classy lady! ... She never complained once! She made us look good!” - Ken & Henry

“Betty was fab!” - Lou, James & Tim

Champagne and Chocolates available as part of our Honeymoon Package

Make your own Pearl the camper van...

Make your own Just Married Pearl...

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Colour: Retro Cream under white

Career Highlights: Two weeks modelling in a fashion retailer's London Oxford Street shop window - loved the attention!
Celebrity wedding (sorry, can't say who!)

Favourite Quotes: “We love Pearl! How cool! We had an amazing road trip. Excellent” - Vicki & Chris

“Pearl was a treat. Lots of admiring glances and plenty of memories” - Ken & Marylin

“We love Pearl! She's such a joy to be in and we did resist the temptation to pretend that we owned her on more than one occasion!” - Debbie & David

“A very special journey, special memories of many miles and laughs. Pearl ticked off a box on our wish list of things to do together. A very cosy, romantic holiday” - Rachael & Rafe


Make your own Flo the camper van...

View Flo's blog...


Colour: Light Turquoise under white

Career Highlights: Heading West to Cornwall and Wales with GMtv and Keith Chegwin was great fun!
Isle of Wight Festival

Favourite Quotes: "Thanks for a great ride" - Cheggers

“Had the most amazing week in Flo! Toured Cornwall & Devon & got an amazing reaction wherever we went!” - Laura & Danny (Honeymooners)

“We love you Flo - what a looker! Wouldn't have wanted to tour Wales any other way! Hope to meet again!” - Adi, Jason & Liz

“Finally fulfilled an ambition to take family away in a VW - brilliant! Flo was superb - warm, snug and got us to Northumberland without a hitch. A great sense of freedom with the hippy twist!” - Anna, Simon, Jo & Kate

“Flo was an accommodating host, we loved touring the Norfolk broads in such a spacious, capacious turquoise beauty! She attracted lots of smiles and waves - what a flirt! We shall be back!” - Lucy & Catherine


Make your own Elsie the camper van...

View Elsie's blog...


Colour: Apple Green under white

Career Highlights: Honeymoon to Italy
Client picnic for a London Catering co whose corporate colour is the very same shade of green!

Favourite Quotes: “Elsie was good to us, she took us to the South of France, Italy and Switzerland. We had a great time and Elsie is definitely a talking point wherever she goes!” - Simon & Mel (Honeymooners)

“Elsie kept us warm and filled our hearts on New Year's Eve” - Hannah & Simon

“Elsie took us to Cornwall so we could find a new home, which we did. The whole experience was a sweet wonder. We love Elsie” - Ben & Fi

“Elsie very quickly felt like one of the family” - Sue, Steve, Jack & Chaz


Make your own Matilda the camper van...

View Matilda's blog...


Colour: Primrose Yellow under white

Career Highlights: Honeymoon to the Pyrenees. Out on hire together with Betty, Pearl & Flo making a fab four - fantastic!

Favourite Quotes: “Waltzed between Whitby & Keswick, uphill and downdale. Great time had by all” - The Beards family

“Fell in love with Matilda on our Honeymoon in France, we would like to adopt her and take her home” - Ben & Christine

“Little Miss Sunshine goes to Purbeck, Corfe Castle, Swanage cul de sacs, this trip had it all” - James & Holly

“3 days in the Peak District ... very happy we had Matilda. Impressed with her hill ascent!!” - Paul & Sandi

"What a wonderful week with Matilda, exploring from Cambridge to Cornwall and lots in between ... 'And he sang as he shoved that jumback in his tucker bag, you'll come a waltzing Matilda with me'" - Karen & Marty, "a couple of Australians from Melbourne - living in Cambridge"

more photos coming soon

make your own Nell coming soon

View Nell's blog...


Colour: Very Orange under white

Career Highlights: New to the fleet but we're working on it! First hire to lovely North Norfolk - Hunstanton, Sheringham & Holt.

Favourite Quotes: " I love and I kist Nell" - Madeline B, age 5
"Just Wonderful! We had so much fun x" - The Barringtons





more photos coming soon

make your own periwinkle camper coming soon!

Coming soon...

Colour: Periwinkle Blue

This camper is the latest addition to the snailtrail fleet of Volkswagen campervans and has no name as yet! We are already taking bookings for her for April onwards.







Make your own Dot the camper van...

View Dot's blog...


Colour: Cool black under white

Career Highlights: Helping to mark the grand opening of the Wolverhampton Art Gallery's new £6.7m extension, which provides a permanent home for its acclaimed Pop Art collection. Dot felt so very cool - she now considers herself to be part of the art set!
Driving us through crowded Camden, London on a Sunday afternoon - sun shining, people waving, lots of thumbs up, "nice camper!" shouted out and tourists taking photos of Dot as we passed by. A real feel good day!
On hire to a lady named Dot
On hire with a dog named Dot!

Favourite Quotes: "Haven't grinned so much in ages! Lovely scenery, lovely winding Suffolk roads, and the best home in the world. Thank you Dot - wish we could take you home!" Liz & Spencer

“We had an amazing week in The Lakes - thank you Dot!” - Lisa & Billy

“Fantastic long weekend - Dot really looked after us, kept us warm, dry and safe. Brill!” - Sue & Adam

“What a great weekend! Great fun for kids too! New Forest has some perfect campsites” - Noelle, Guy & Connor


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