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Constance * Pinnies from Heaven * Sharon Cooper Photography

Gracie VW camper for sale

Verity vintage Viking caravan




Pinnies from Heaven ...

Constance * Pinnies from Heaven * Sharon Cooper Photography


Constance was recently used in a photo shoot to promote very gorgeous vintage aprons from"Pinnies from Heaven".  Made by Louise Rook using vintage fabrics, these lovely pinnies are available from "Flo's Place"  vintage clothing in Hitchin and will soon be available from a new Pinnies from Heaven web site too. 

Constance * Pinnies from Heaven * Sharon Cooper Photography

The stunning photographs were taken by Sharon Cooper who has photographed our campers before.  Sharon offers photo shoots with a difference, out on location and very much tailored to suit you! She is a photographer who can make things/dreams/ideas and locations happen..and is constantly looking out for lovely places to go and shoot.  The model is Hayley Whitaker & delicious cupcakes were from Chris Farbon at the Cake Shed, yum!

Constance * Pinnies from Heaven * Sharon Cooper Photography

Constance * Pinnies from Heaven * Sharon Cooper Photography

Constance * Pinnies from Heaven * Sharon Cooper Photography



If you would like to use Constance or Verity caravans,Bob the VW Beetle or any of our campers for photographic purposes please do get in touch. You can call us on 07771 788706 or 01767 600440 or email us at






Gracie is looking for love ...

Gracie VW camper for sale


Gracie is a beautiful camper and we love her and have cherished her. So we're looking for someone to love and look after her in the manner to which she is accustomed, who will genuinely care for her and take her on plenty more adventures. We will truly miss Gracie, but we're down-sizing the hire fleet, so it is time to find her a happy new home.

Gracie is now SOLD

Telephone us on 01767 600440 or 07771 788706 for further details of similar campers for hire or visit the sales page here:

Snails for Sale Page .





Cute-stuff Caravans!

Verity vintage Viking caravan


Did you know that at snailtrail we hire out vintage caravans for media and photographic purposes?

We also sell classic caravans similar to Verity, Little Pip and Polly Dolly pictured here. So, if you are looking to buy or looking to sell a classic caravan, please do contact us on the numbers below.

Polly Dolly



Telephone us on 01767 600440 or 07771 788706

If you are looking to sell your caravan, we really are only looking for caravans mid 1970's and younger.






Looking to Buy a Camper?


We will be selling some of our hire campers at the end of the summer season.  So if you are looking to buy a gorgeous VW camper, don't mind waiting 'til the beginning of September and would like further details please do give us a call!  If you have a particular favourite in the snailtrail line-up please do mention her by name, she may well be available!


Telephone us on 01767 600440 or 07771 788706






Looking to Sell your Camper?

If you have a Brazilian imported camper registered from 2004 onwards and are looking to sell please do contact us, we are looking to buy!


Please email us at or

telephone Steven on 07771 788706 or 01767 600440

with details of your camper for sale.





Ruby and the Doctor!

Dr Who


Ruby the red camper recently appeared in the new series of BBC1's Dr Who. In the episode "Amy's Choice" she helped to come to the rescue and was driven by both the Doctor and Amy.


You can see the full episode on the BBC's iplayer here: Dr Who, "Amy's Choice"

(Please do not worry, although she is seen to smash through a fence, Ruby was unharmed during filming!)






Spring has Sprung!

Daisy Daffodil

It's official ... the birds are singing, the sun has been shining and Spring has (eventually) sprung!  We do have some camper availability remaining for the week commencing Monday 12th April for midweek bookings, and for the weekend commencing Friday 16th April. 

Please note, the gorgeous primrose yellow camper appearing in this photograph is not for hire but for sale ... her name is Daisy Daisy, although we're thinking of re-naming her Daisy Daffodil after this image!  You can see more photographs of her on our snails for sale page ... just follow the link below, and on our flickr photostream too.


To enquire about making a booking please telephone us on 01767 600440 or  07771 788706 or complete the availability enquiry form here

To see more photos of Daisy Daisy on our Sales Page please click here

for snailtrail's flickr photostream click here







We're getting the fleet ready for a busy time ahead!


To enquire about making a booking please telephone us on 01767 600440 or  07771 788706 or complete the availability enquiry form here






Our Cool Caravan ...

My Cool Caravan Book

Constance the Vintage Caravan in the Book

Constance, our 1956 Sprite caravan, is featured in the yummy new book
"My Cool Caravan" - written and compiled by Jane Field-Lewis & Chris Haddon, with photography by Hilary Walker.  The book shows forty stylish caravans of all vintages, from across the world and is packed with inspirational photography.  Constance is very proud and so are we!


"My Cool Caravan" is available from all good book stores (!!!!)
including Amazon here

You can view more photos and read a little more about Constance on our
Retro Rentals page here






Bye-Bye Betty Blue - we will miss you!

Ken and Betty Blue the VW camper van

In the interests of keeping the snailtrail campers young and fresh from time to time we replace members of the hire fleet.  Betty has been a favourite camper of ours and so, although inevitable, it was a hard decision to let her go.  We had previously been contacted by Ken Meredith who hired Betty a couple of years ago.  On that trip Ken and his son had such a great time and really bonded with Betty (it often happens!) and upon return asked that if we ever intended to sell Betty we would let him know. When the time came, we gave Ken a call and he jumped at the chance to give Betty a home!

"I hired Betty a couple of years ago, fell in love with her on the spot, and have been pining ever since. She will be looked after."

If you have made a hire booking for Betty please do not worry, we have a new Betty (Betty blue 2!) who is very similar in sky-blue colour and has exactly the same internal layout.  This new Betty will be finished in identical fabrics and will be picking up where our original Betty left off. Pictures of Betty blue 2 will soon be appearing on the Meet the Campers page.

We wish Ken & family happy, happy times with beautiful Betty - it was truly a wrench to see her go, but we're so very happy she's found the loving home she deserves! We love you Betty!





And the Winner of the
2009 Happy Snappies Competition is ...

Many thanks and congratulations to Craig Sheppard who wins a free long weekend in a snailtrail camper for this dreamy image.

We love it!

Thank you to everybody who submitted photos in 2009,

we were all agreed at snailtrail that the general standard of this year's entries was the best we've had since first running the competition - so it really was tough to make the final decision.

Because we found it so hard to choose we have offered

Claire Davies a half-price long weekend hire as a runner's up prize. Thank you for your lovely images Claire!



by Claire Davies

Below are some more photos which made it to the shortlist ... if you see your photo below you will be receiving a snailtrail mug as a runner's up prize.

by J Porter


by Bridget Laatz


by Darell Carter


by Emma Bradshaw

by Jamie Satherley

by Jamie Satherley


more images of our campers can be seen on our flickr photostream here: VW camper hire/ photostream





Driving Home for Christmas ...

Driving Home for Christmas

Driving home for Christmas
Oh, I can't wait to see those faces
I'm driving home for Christmas, yea
Well I'm moving down that line
And it's been so long
But I will be there
I sing this song
To pass the time away
Driving in my car
Driving home for Christmas


Please visit us on Flickr using the link below - there's lots of images of our campers and some of the places our campers like to visit!

Merry Christmas!



25/11/09 - reposted 24/12/09

Merrry Christmas from Snail Trail - Image for use by ltd only

... and from all the campers; Betty, Pearl, Flo, Elsie, Matilda, Nell, Pru, Dot, Ruby, Gracie, Daphne & Ada! Have a good one!






... to send us your photos for entry into the Happy Snappies competion. Please forward us your photos of snailtrail campers & their adventures.

The winning photo will be announced on New Year's Day - the prize is a free long weekend with a snailtrail camper.


Please send your photos to - good luck!

This jolly Santa Snail image was created as a lovely surprise for us by the very kind and very talented Sharon Cooper - thank you Sharon! You can see more of Sharon's work here





Ada Makes a Good Impression
(sorry, couldn't resist using this title!)

Ada on John Culshaw Impressions Show - BBC 1

Ada the camper on The Impressions Show BBC 1

Ada is currently starring in "The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson", where she plays the role of Vernon Kay & Tess Daly's camper van. You can catch the show on BBC 1, Saturday night at 9.25pm - a dvd will be released in January 2010.

We had great fun driving around with Ada in between filming -with her "Vernon and Tess" banner she turned even more heads than usual ... we apologise to all those trying to catch a glimpse of the real Vernon & Tess!





Name the Snail ...


Thanks to our clever friend Sharon Cooper - the snailtrail snail has been brought to life in this lovely video. Thank you Sharon! And thanks too to the wonderful CC Smugglers for allowing us to use their toe-tapping track "On That Road Again" - just perfect!

Because our snail now has a character all of his own, we are asking you to name him! Please click on the link to place your vote! The most popular name will be announced on 1st January 2010.


Thank you!


You can see more of Sharon's photographic work here

And you can hear more of The CC Smugglers here

... both well worth checking out!






Thank you Craig Sheppard for sending us this stunning autumnal photograph - so beautifully captured, we love the colours!

Hirers and camper spotters, please send your snailtrail camper pics to us and they will automatically be entered into our
Happy Snappies competition.

The competition runs all year; the winner, decided on the 31st December for the best photograph entered, will win a free long weekend in a snailtrail camper!


email your photo entries to:

good luck!






Please visit us on Flickr - there's lots of images of campers and some of the places our campers like to visit! VW camper hire/ photostream






When Esme & Jamie got married in August they asked Prudence to attend the wedding. We love the photographs Chris Whitefield took of the big day ... more are posted on Pru's blog page for you to see, just follow the link below. We think Pru looks very pretty, and that Esme made a truly beautiful bride.

Congratulations Esme & Jamie from all at snailtrail - we wish you happy times on life's journey together!


Photographer Chris Whitefield:

Pru's blog with further images: Pru's blog






Celestine with Deborah and Colin

A friend of ours, Kate, recently messaged to say that her barn was now housing a rusty type 2 camper which she spotted in a field! She thought she recognised the van as "Celestine", the camper which her sister Deborah and brother-in-law Colin had owned some years ago. The distinctive paintwork was a bit of a give away!

Colin's first entry on a blog dedicated to Celestine's revival explains the exciting discovery: "A couple of months back Deborah’s sister mentioned that she had spotted a yellow and purple VW camper van in a field. Although excited that it could be the one that we owned 9 years a go, it seemed unlikely. We had been feeling broody for another Type II Westfalia but could not have dreamed of getting “Celestine” back. There is something about these vans that makes a sane person give them a name. They possess a lot of emotional power and that was calling us back.

Last week I had an opportunity to follow up the siting and ventured onto the farm and asked the owner if I could take a look at the van. It did not take more than seconds to see that it was our van!"

We're so happy that Celestine has been found and is in good hands!


You can read more about Deborah & Colin's project and see photos of Celestine's progress on the blog page here:

"Celestine - A Prophecy"






Chris Gilmour - Cardboard Fiat 500 Cinquecento

Luigi Classic Fiat 500 Cinquecento

We came across this fantastic artwork pictured on Chris Gilmour's website. Chris makes objects using only cardboard and glue. Yes, only cardboard and glue! There is no supporting structure, no wooden or metal frame. His interpretations of everyday objects are created in adherence to the use of a pure and single material, but instead of the marble or bronze of classical statues, he has chosen one of the most humble and commonly found of our industrial times. Other artworks include bicycles, a typewriter and a grandfather clock. Of course, we'd love to see Chris make a cardboard campervan!!


Take a look here at our own cuter than cute Luigi the Fiat 500

and visit Chris Gilmour's website here to view this and more of his cardboard artwork - you'll be amazed!






For lots of images of our campers, vehicles and caravans please visit our Flickr photostream by clicking here: VW camper hire/ photostream

we'd love you to visit, and if you're a Flickr member please do become a contact!


.... and if images are your thang ... please do join our flickr group. If you've rented a snailtrail camper, or spotted a snailtrail camper and took a snap, you can share your photos here:







Strawberries & Cream

This beautiful image was captured by talented photographer Sharon Cooper. It reached the front page of Flickr's Explore - quite an achievement! Thank you Sharon for the image, Ruby red & Pearl cream are tickled pink! We're pleased to say that more images from Sharon will be appearing on the snailtrail website.


If you would like to see more of Sharon's work please view her amazing Flickr photostream here: and her website here:






Send your snaps, post your pics, email your images...
you've got be in it (the 2009 Happy Snappies Competition) to win it!

"Thanks for a truly great holiday with you guys - the level of service and professionalism was second to none and my girlfriend and I (plus bump Charlie!) had a wonderful time in Pearl, she drove like a dream to the Lake District, Scotland, down to Shropshire and across to Bath and Bristol without missing a beat. We miss her a lot!" Ahh, thanks Darrell, Lisa and baby bump Charlie for your kind words and for sending in this fantastic image - we all hope to see you again some time, and to meet Charlie in person!


If you have a camper booked this year please do remember to take your camera with you - email us you pics and they will automatically be entered into our Happy Snappies competion - winner to be decided 31st December 09 will win a free long weekend in a camper in 2010! You don't have to hire to enter, if you see a snailtrail camper and take a good shot please email it to us for entry into the competition - although, if they are with the camper, best check with the hirer's first!

please email your photos to






Our Almost Famous Campervan ...

These are not go-faster stripes! Maud is wearing them for her appearance in CBBC's My Almost Famous Family - a brand new, all-singing, all-dancing comedy series. Look out for Maud on BBC2 on Saturday mornings at 10.00am, from 12th September!


Here is a link to the BBC's Backstage trailer for the programme which looks great - there are some glimpses of Maud!





Heavenly Snail!

We spotted this snail shaped cloud on a recent trip to Italy ...was it trying to tell us to open a snailtrail camper hire depot in Italy too?!?






Flora's Got the Xtra Factor!

Look out for Flora starring on Louis' Limericks
within the current Xtra Factor programmes on ITV2.

Flora is a gorgeous camper we sold some months ago and now proudly owned by Carol & Noel.





Happy Days ....

Thanks to Claire for sending us this fantastic photo of Elliot & Frances playing scrabble with Daphne the camper van on their recent trip to Cornwall.

You can see more of Claire's lovely photos and read about their adventures on Daphne's blog page.



If you have a camper booked this year please do remember to take your camera with you - email us you pics and they will automatically be entered into our Happy Snappies competition - winner to be decided 31st December 09 will win a free long weekend in a camper in 2010! You don't have to hire to enter, if you see a snailtrail camper and take a good shot please email it to us for entry into the competition - although, if they are with the camper, best check with the hirer's first!

please email your photos to






Super Sweet Vintage Caravan

1958 Vintage Caravan
classic vintage alperson caravan

This is our newest addition, a vintage Alperson caravan which dates from around 1958/59. This model superceded the Sprite 14 (see Constance the caravan here). We already love her and are going to freshen her up with lovely retro fabrics, flooring and finishing touches - however we will keep hold of the original upholstery and curtains shown in these photos for those wanting a genuine '50s feel (the seat cushions are just fine for photography, but are a little too used to be comfortable for long!). This caravan is very unusual in that she has a door on both sides, originally intended for travel on the Continent, this makes her ideal for photo shoots, because she has no "best side", she's sweet whichever way you look at her! She is available for media hire and publicity hire. More images can be seen here: vintage caravan

We need to give this lovely classic caravan an old-fashioned name - we'd love your suggestions! Please email us at

Name suggestions already in the pot: Vera, Joan, Polly, Dolly, Hilda







The One Show

Nell the camper on The One Show

Not to be outdone by Ada, Nell the orange camper appeared on BBC 1's The One Show this evening - no sun or sea, but there was sand ... and quite a lot of rain. No worries, Nell's orangeness gave a sunny glow!





"Peace Man"

John Pienaar with Ada the Camper

Ada the camper has appeared on BBC 1's 'This Week' programme, wearing her hippy stickers and being driven around Westminster by political correspondent John Pienaar - who was also dressed as a hippy!






Happy Campers Speakerdog

Ben the Illustrator's camper speakerdog paper toy is based on our very own Elsie, who Ben took to Cornwall with his partner Fi a couple of years back. We didn't know it at the time, but Ben is an amazingly talented illustrator, and later when looking for someone to design our campervan paper toys, Ben's name came up on Google! Since then Ben & Fi have provided us with some great artwork (see the banner at the top of this page, the badges on our snailtrail gear page and look out for the postcards to come!). We just love their work & their website:







Get Snapping

... if you've booked a snailtrail camper don't forget to take your camera with you! Send your happy camper pics to us and they will automatically be entered into our Happy Snappies competition.

The competition runs all year; the winner, chosen on 31st December for the best photograph entered, will win a free long weekend in a snailtrail camper (to keep or to give to a friend).

Please send your photos to: - good luck!




Maudacious ...

Guardian G2 - Maud the camper

Not only did Maud the camper manage to wangle her way into the VIP area at Glastonbury (thanks to The Guardian's G2 magazine), she got to meet the following, who were interviewed by Laura Barton inside or beside Maud!:

Maximo Park, Little Boots, VV Brown, Billy Bragg, Kasabian, Amadou & Mariam, Franz Ferdinand, Jamie Cullum, The Maccabees, Andrew Marr, Florence and the Machine, Doves, Tinchy Stryder, Hott & Brass Band, Filthy Dukes, Annie Nightingale, Regina Spektor, Paolo Nutini, Jodie Harsh, White Lies, Passion Pit, Beth Rowley, Marina & The Diamonds.

After all that mingling Maud is now resting before her next adventure.

(PS to all future hirers - please do not stand on our campers like the lady in the photo, unless you're a kid, the camper is stationary and your mum or dad says you can!)



Laura Barton's camper van: Paulo Nutini
Paolo Nutini plays from inside Maud the camper van

see photos of all of Maud's guests at
Glastonbury 2009 here:

Passion Pit
Passion Pit

Marina And The DiamondsFlorence And The Machine
Marina & The Diamonds & Florence (and the Machine)

Franz Ferdinand Jamie Cullum
Franz Ferdinand & Jamie Cullum





Maud the camper is a Glastonbury VIP
(or should that be VIC?)


Maud has gone to the Glastonbury Festival with some lovely people from The Guardian. She will play host to the bands whilst they are being interviewed. Lucky, lucky, lucky Maud. So, not only will she be staying in the VIP area (less mud?!), she'll get to meet and greet some of the main stars of the stage!

Look out for Maud in
The Guardian's g2 Glastonbury special
on Monday 29th June



Tweet from Guardian g2's Twitter 26th June: "Highlights of the Day? ... and Stornoway playing live in the VW, complete with trumpet, snare drum, banjo and double bass..."

Tweet from Guardian g2's Twitter 28th June: "one camper van, one glockenspiel, 30-odd interviews, seventeen wigs, one muddy fairy, one Mighty Bruce, one more cider... and we're done."
We can't wait to know exactly what Maud's been up to!

Follow the Guardian's g2 on Twitter here






Going to Glastonbury?

Going to Glastonbury

We have six campers going to Glastonbury Festival this year - if you are lucky enough to be going too and you spot a snailtrail camper take your photo alongside it ... we will post it on the website if you email it to us at

Have a great time!








Elsie Sweets

We found these left in our campervan Elsie...
thank you to Andrew, Jane & Isabella ... you made
us all smile!






Campers Ready for Adventure-Daphne, Betty & Flo


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snailtrail can now be found on Facebook, once you've logged in just search for Snailtrail ... you can join our Facebook Group "Snailtrail Camper Vans & Fans". Previous snailtrailers please upload your camper photos, write your camping tips and campsite recommendations on our wall - we'd love to hear from you!

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... and if images are your thang ... please join our flickr group. If you've rented a snailtrail camper, or spotted a snailtrail camper and took a snap, you can share your photos here:





Win a Gourmet Camper Weekend & Glamp it Up!

Snail trail competition

The BBC's Olive Magazine, Snailtrail and Harvey Nics have joined forces to offer one reader a long weekend's jaunt in a Snail Trail camper van, absolutely free. Also included is a bespoke Olive/Harvey Nics hamper, two Snail Trail t-shirts and a mug, plus a copy of The Happy Campers.

On sale at Harvey Nics from 1 June - 30 September, each hamper comes in a Harvey Nics coolbox and contains a bottle of Harvey Nichols Rosé, a selection of salads such as chicken Caesar or buffalo mozzarella, an antipasti meat platter, olives, artichokes, local British farmhouse cheeses, artisan bread rolls with Echiré butter, and dessert.

Surely this yummy combination of snailtrail camper & Harvey Nics hamper is the epitome of Glamping!

Closing date: 30 July 2009


For your chance to win this fantastic prize please click on the link below, where you'll also find the competition terms & conditions: competition

Good Luck!



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